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Cummins series diesel generator sets is the use of Sino-US joint BNK series engine for the engine, its reliability, low cost has been used to win the military, advanced engineering, industrial and min

Mercedes-Benz series diesel generator sets are introduced Core German German company MTU (Mercedes) original engine supporting British Stamford, Leroy-Somer Sino-French joint venture

Volvo diesel generator set series II or III emissions and meet EU environmental standards

Deutz series diesel generator sets is the introduction of joint production of Germany KHD company's technology, there are water-cooled, air-cooled, gas engine, advanced design, excellent performance

Perkins has developed into a (4-2000hp) diesel and gasoline engine market leading suppliers. In the industrial, construction, agriculture, marine and power generation equipment market

Four protection control panel (standard unit) provides the basic functions of the unit, and with the following basic configuration and functions start / stop controller three AC meter frequency meter

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