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Dear colleagues from all walks of life:


First of all, you are welcome to visit the website of Yangzhou Ruide Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.! Please allow me to introduce to you the business, pursuit and external cooperation of Yangzhou Ruide Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. in the name of the chairman of the company.


Our company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of downhole tools and petroleum machinery equipment such as drilling, oil recovery and workover. Looking back on the development of Ruode Petroleum for more than 20 years, we have accumulated a profound corporate culture and strong research and development capabilities in petroleum equipment. In the new historical period, Ruide Petroleum aims to provide customers with world-class petroleum equipment and petroleum engineering technical services, and promotes the continuous improvement of the international oil and gas industry with innovative products and excellent services.


The society is moving forward, and Ruide Petroleum will work together with all walks of life on the basis of down-to-earth, and work hand in hand with colleagues to create a newer, stronger, more beautiful and broader future.                                    



Yangzhou Ruide Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.

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