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We always will "start in setting and dedication" as a business development purposes, the entire production, sales, management, work into this sixth principle, the formation of a vibrant atmosphere for business development.

Companies adhering to the "brand-name products, the highest quality service" business philosophy, commitment to a solid technical strength, reliable product quality, fast service system to provide users with a full range of services to win customers' trust and support. The needs of customers is the company's direction and progressive work goals, anytime, anywhere to do everything we can to provide customers with quality products and effective services, in good faith to accept all kinds of comments, suggestions and complaints, and to build strong customer trust and cooperation and harmonious relationship.


Company with the establishment of quality management certification system, the establishment of a customer-centric pre-sale, after-sales service system.


Pre-sale services: the market demand for timely information and feedback to sales, R & D department, as one of the basis of new product development; and timely and accurate manner to provide customers with new products and other types of product information, the warm reception of all calls, letters , visiting customers, and carefully introduce the product model, features, performance, understanding customer needs, and do everything possible to be met.


Sale of services: after receiving the order to actively stocking, and in accordance with the provisions of the contract delivery date for the first time to be shipped items.


Service: receiving customer complaints, and based on customer comments, suggestions to make a timely manner. Where product quality, customer returned, the company will be unconditionally apply for a replacement, return.


Sales agents in the major system, driven by the domestic co-ordination through the retail system, our products achieved a high reputation and good performance.



The company's domestic sales network across the country, the spirit of "customer-facing, customer service, market-oriented, the purpose of developing city in full swing, the establishment of the excellent customer service channels.


△ professional maintenance staff planned to conduct regular tours of each user interviews and surveys. Production, engineering combined monthly technical training of maintenance personnel, and user feedback to report to the Production Technology Department, in order to make changes to product structure, and better customer satisfaction. All maintenance personnel are equipped with a set of maintenance tools and some common wear parts to ensure that the product failed to exclude one-time people to the disease.

△ We each specification, each breed products factory, to maintain a certain amount of consumable reserves purchased accessory products are no exception.

△ factory is responsible for all products offered by the operation, maintenance training; responsible for customer technical training for engineering professionals.

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