Product classification

Salvage type

Male cone is within the fishing tool to salvage drill collar, fittings and tubing and drill pipe thicker parts of the cavity of the fishing tools.

Female cone is outside fishing tools, drill pipe and tubing used to salvage the body. Method with the use of explosive loose buckle buckle down when used to salvage tool joint or drill collar.

Slip Overshot is outside the fishing tool to salvage drill collars, tool joints and drill pipe body, casing, tubing, hose couplings and electrical measuring instruments. Slip Overshot structure shown

Overshot fishing part of the catch is spiral or basket kava kava. Its external and internal threads of a wide serrated teeth are left hand thread salvage.

Anti-loop magnetic devices and magnetic salvage salvage salvage device is the well can be magnetized metal debris of a tool. Hard formation in the salvage effect is remarkable.

Reverse circulation junk basket is the use of drilling fluid flow near the bottom at the local counter-cyclical revenue will be underground debris within the basket of a fishing tool.

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