※ spirit of enterprise

"Gentleman to self-improvement; terrain-kun, a gentleman with great virtue."
Fighting spirit and a gentleman like the same energetic objects running endless;
If you are a gentleman, the same character should be like the earth, nothing can not carry.

※ Philosophy

Enterprise purpose: re-speak German letter to just winning;
Business philosophy: win-win consensus, reflecting the value;
Management philosophy; people-oriented, casting team;

※ Enterprise Mission

Become a realistic and innovative, scientific development, harmonious and outstanding enterprises

※ Enterprise team

Sincere cooperation, create a better future

※ Corporate values

With credit for life, a product guide, quality-based, service-assurance

※ Spirit of innovation

With the opportunities and risks, dreams of future success

※ Enterprise vision

The enterprise into a world-class mechanical agents, channels of oil equipment suppliers, oil equipment manufacturers,
Petroleum engineering contractors.
The enterprise into an international famous brands mechanical agent, shares of companies listed.

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