What are the components of hydraulic anchors?


The hydraulic anchor is composed of a central tube, a piston, a slip sleeve, a drain sleeve, a joint, a cone, a slip, an opening limit ring and the like.
The piston, the slip sleeve and the drain sleeve are respectively sleeved on the upper, middle and lower portions of the central tube, the upper end of the central tube is connected with the upper joint, the lower end is connected with the lower joint through the lock block, and the upper and lower cones are sleeved on the central tube, The spline step of the cone is connected to the spline step of the piston by a sliding pin, the tapered step of the upper cone is connected to the step of the slip sleeve, and the tapered step of the lower cone is connected with the slip sleeve and the opening limiting ring The formed steps are connected, and the slips are located on the central tube and the upper and lower cone cones, and are placed in the slips of the slip sleeve, the tail of the lower cone is connected with the drain sleeve, and the sealing pin connects the upper joint and the piston. Lock and unseal the pin to lock the drain sleeve to the lower joint. The hydraulic anchor can be used to anchor the downhole tubing string, prevent bending and peristaltic movement of the string, and can also drain the crude oil in the column when the column is lifted to prevent wellhead pollution.

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