China's natural gas demand continues to increase, biogas is made into fuel for vehicles.


China news agency, Beijing, September 28 (Reporter Zhao Jianhua) China's growing natural gas demand is attracting more funds and technology. Biogas, which was originally used for cooking and heating in rural China, was also made into bio-natural gas and used as a fuel for vehicles.
Liu Baojie, general manager of Henan Anyang Hengsheng Energy Co., Ltd. said in Beijing on the 28th that the company's annual production of 4 million cubic meters of vehicle biogas project has been put into production, and the price of biogas is the same as that of ordinary natural gas. The market is highly competitive, and the investment of 65 million yuan can be recovered within 5 to 6 years.
Organic waste such as straw and manure can be purified, purified and compressed to produce bio-natural gas with a methane content of 97% or more, which is used as a fuel for vehicles or as a fuel for living.
According to the "State of the Environment" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, in 2009, the number of rural biogas users reached 35 million, and the annual production of biogas was about 13.4 billion cubic meters. This scale accounts for about 15% of the national natural gas consumption during the same period.
Last year, China consumed 87.45 billion cubic meters of natural gas, an increase of 11.5%. This year, the growth rate of natural gas consumption is still accelerating.
The National Development and Reform Commission of China said that the gas consumption in Shanghai and Zhejiang has increased significantly, and the two places have increased by 65.6% and 46.9% respectively. In addition, as natural gas from Sichuan began to be transported to the eastern region and imported LNG (liquefied natural gas) increased, new users in Jiangxi, Guangxi, and Fujian began to use natural gas on a large scale.
From January to August, China's consumption of natural gas reached 69.2 billion cubic meters, an increase of 21%. In the same period, domestic natural gas production was 62.4 billion cubic meters. The difference between the two is 6.8 billion cubic meters.
Li Jingming, secretary general of the China Biogas Society, said biogas could supplement some of the gas supply gap. He said that in 2020, the country's biogas production will reach 44 billion cubic meters.
The Chinese market has generated interest in funds and technology from Europe and the United States. Next month, investment companies and energy companies from Germany, Denmark, the United States and other countries will rush to Anyang, Henan Province to participate in the 2010 China International Gas Energy Summit hosted by the China Biogas Society. At the host of the summit, Anyang officials wanted to build China's first biogas industrial park.


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